Matters Related to Criminal Defense

Criminal charges do not happen in a vacuum. In many cases, there are numerous legal threads that need to be explored and defended against. These can prove significant to getting you through the legal process. At The Onore Law Firm, we take a comprehensive approach to defending your rights and interests.

Restraining Orders

Most domestic violence charges are often coupled with a restraining order. The courts are generally sympathetic to Petitioners gaining these protection orders. That means you cannot make contact with your spouse or estranged domestic partner in any fashion. Doing so would violate the conditions of the order and subject you to incarceration.

It’s important to defend against an unfair restraining order for a number of reasons. The most important is that it places you in constant jeopardy of being arrested if it is alleged that you violated the conditions.  Emotions ebb and flow in relationships and your remorseful loved one may call you to make amends. The heart leads many Defendants to attempt to reconcile, however, a single argument can send you to jail. The order remains in place regardless of the condition of the relationship. That’s why it’s important to contest restraining orders.  The Onore Law Firm has can assist you in seeking a restraining order against someone or defending you in a restraining order proceeding.

Investigations Run Both Ways

The focus of a law enforcement investigation is gathering evidence against you. There are times when conducting an inquiry on your behalf can help push back against law enforcement or the government’s claims. By working with skilled investigators and legal professionals, we can build a proactive defense. The government has powerful resources, but we can level the playing field by facilitating an investigation on your behalf.

One of the primary benefits to attaching an independent investigator to your case is to gain a fresh set of eyes. As the accused, you bring a certain mindset to the events, circumstances and even physical evidence. A seasoned investigator brings a sharp new look at existing ideas. By re-examining the facts through keen eyes, the government’s interpretation can be logically challenged. Evidence also tends to be open to interpretation. Putting an investigator on your case can result in new and contradictory facts being unearthed. This can be particularly effective when the police failed to meet required standards or were less than thorough. Enlisting the services of a professional investigator can make a significant impact on getting the best possible outcome.

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