Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney

The Onore Law Firm puts its clients first and can always be reached in your time of need. Being charged with a crime or falling under law enforcement scrutiny can be an incredibly stressful time in your life. If you’ve been arrested, you may feel helpless, alone and that your future is in jeopardy. For those who have never faced a situation like this before, The Onore Law Firm is here to provide you with compassionate and informative representation.  We pride ourselves on constantly communicating with our clients and answering all of their questions.  The team of professionals at The Onore Law Firm understands the difficult conditions you are enduring and is ready to protect your rights and freedom. Legal representation is just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By working with The Onore Law Firm, you are enlisting an experienced and forceful criminal defense team. If you are being held by law enforcement for questioning, we will work to secure your release and require that investigators cease questioning until you have legal counsel present.  Our firm will petition the court for a reasonable bond so that you can remain free to actively participate in your defense against the charges.

Led by former prosecutor Todd Onore, this firm is adept at handling criminal cases at the State and Federal levels. Having an attorney on your side who understands the intricacies of the judicial system can be a significant advantage during criminal litigation. Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Onore has first-hand and detailed knowledge about evidence and procedures employed by the State to gain convictions. He also understands potential weaknesses in the State’s case and how to challenge the State’s position on issues regarding searches, seizures, evidence, laboratory findings and eye-witness credibility. Prosecutors may tout the strength of their case against you, but this firm has the experience to methodically and carefully dispute it.

Why You Need a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney

The Onore Law Firm vigorously represents everyday people who have been subjected to State and Federal criminal allegations. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and there is a long road between an arrest by the police and prosecutors securing a conviction. We will make that a tough road for the government and fight each and every accusation along the way.

When State and Federal authorities initiate criminal charges, it’s imperative to work with an experienced criminal defense firm. Led by a dedicated and aggressive former prosecutor, The Onore Law Firm is up to the challenge. Call our Fort Lauderdale office today.